Facilities Learning Resource Center

With the goal to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access to books and reading to information and to information technology. Our library includes resources on auto biographies, subjects, patriotic history, short stories, comics, magazines, novels in both the main languages. Our school library maintains strict rules and regulations regarding the issue / return of books etc. Perfect silence is observed here which gives a perfect reading atmosphere. Many students from SSA have cleared the professional exams and are proudly pursuing their concerns by using the library effectively and efficiently.


Facilities provided by the SSA Library



  • SSA Library helps in inculcating and promoting the reading habits among children.
  • Acts as a “storehouse of knowledge” and helps in enhancing its user’s knowledge.
  • Helps in refreshing and enriching the students and teachers.
  • Provides reference service and other information with the help of ‘Dictionaries’ and ‘Encyclopedias’ and thus upgrades them.
  • Story books, comics etc. provide recreation to the students and also teaches them moral values.
  • It helps and guides the students in various inter school and intra school competitions.
  • Many new titles / journals are added to the library for their benefit.
  • News papers subscribed by the library help the users to know what is going around in the world at a glance.
  • Apart from these, SSA library reaches out to classrooms also. We have classroom libraries in each class consisting of the class teacher and a student librarian. These libraries include selected fiction books and reference materials.
  • Variety of reading materials: for collecting materials, new titles are added every year.
  • SSA library functions during vacation and holidays also: Throughout the vacations the library remains open to facilitate the students, teacher and also helps them in their holiday projects, models, charts etc.
  • SSA Library also organizes ‘Book Fairs’ inviting the local publishers to update its users about the new arrivals.