About Us Director's Message

Director's Message

"I would like to welcome you to Sughar Singh Group of schools at Kanpur.

As I look back over the last fifteen years, I am possessed by a great feeling of satisfaction to witness that Sughar Singh Academy, which began its life as a tiny sapling has spread its branches and dug firm roots akin to a Banyan tree, providing quality education and a strong foundation to the youth of our nation. It has more than upheld its aim of coming into existence of providing perfect public school education intermingled with the tenets of Indian culture.
Keeping the contemporary global and national context in mind we at Sughar Singh Academy strive to make the pursuit of excellence a way of life, a habit. We provide a balanced environment focused on shaping children into leaders of tomorrow by offering comprehensive education through a developmental approach.

Our website is a window to our vibrant school life. We work in partnership with our pupils, parents and the community at large to create a positive environment that promotes self discipline, a love for learning and a sense of social responsibility amongst our members as well as the students. We encourage each child to give their very best in an attempt to realize their dreams.
Join us in our mission to make our school a place, children love to attend, a place in which parents believe their children are receiving an education second to none and a place in which teachers express their joy of working with pride".

With best wishes.

Veena Singh